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Do you need certified translation to or from English/Czech? Do you need to speak or write Czech to communicate with your business partners in the Czech Republic? Are you a singer and need help with Czech pronunciation? Do you need to learn or improve your language skills for your future trips to Czech? Or are you just planning a "beer vacation”? Whatever your reasons and motivations to learn Czech, you've come to the right place! Learn Czech in "one on one" private lessons! You will:

Start learning the Czech Language today!

About Me

Hi, I'm Katerina Lu.

I have 15+ years of experience tutoring Czech to both professionals and people needing Czech language for daily conversations and coaching Czech pronunciation to singers.

I taught students of widely diversified backgrounds, different levels and with various needs.

I am a dynamic, result-oriented and outgoing person.

I am also a very patient teacher ;-)

English and Czech

I moved to the USA in 1993. I have an excellent command over written and spoken language, both in English and Czech.

Czech Teacher's Association

I am a member of the International Association of Teachers of Czech Language.


I have made a word for word translation of Dvořák's opera Rusalka, performed in Toronto, Montreal and other cities in North America. I supervised the translation of all Czech historical documents for research and defense of Ph.D. theses for two doctoral candidates.

Pronunciation for Singers

I helped opera conductors of Rusalka (namely Maestro Keenan, and Maestro Giampietro) with the production preparation, teaching them the pronunciation of the libretto. I coached operatic singers in the pronunciation of Czech song lyrics and librettos. I worked with opera students in the Mannes School of Music.

Native Speaker

I have a perfect understanding of cultural, grammatical and phonetic obstacles for Americans in learning Czech and the ability to explain the problems and to help overcome the difficulties.

Certified Translation Professional

I am certified by the Global Translation Institute (GTI) as a Translation Professional (CTP) for English - Czech.
I am also certified as Teacher of English as a Foreign Language by LearnTEFL, specializing in teaching English to Slavic speakers.
I am a member of the American Translators Association.

I co-translated two plays by Václav Havel, the former Czech Republic president, and a world-renowned playwright. Some of the plays were performed by The Untitled Theater Company 61 in New York City.

Hire me for translations

My Approach

I want to support you in achieving the personal goals that motivate you in learning Czech. Private tutoring offers unique advantages: I tailor my lessons to the needs of each student. To accomplish that, I provide 30 minutes of free evaluation session for new students, which allows me to understand my student's goals. The method I use will be adapted to both your level and your objectives. You will enjoy a modern and dynamic way of Czech teaching. Besides textbooks, I use various pedagogic tools such as audio and Czech newspapers and movies. I also use games and exercises to enhance students understanding of grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.

My teaching philosophy is to emphasize my student's ability to express themselves in a simple manner in a few lessons. I teach the necessary skills to enable communication in everyday situations. In the meantime, they will continue learning more detailed knowledge of the basics and grammar of the Czech language.

Do not feel disadvantaged if you are not multi-lingual. With my guidance, you will be able to attain your goals and to speak Czech soon!

Payments and Rates

1 lesson/1 hour: $40
Translation: $0.10 per word, with a minimum of $40
Accepting cash, checks, Venmo, PayPal, Chase QuickPay

Schedule a Lesson

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I teach from my home on the Upper East Side Manhattan (1st Avenue and mid-70s), Mondays thru Fridays from 11 am till 5 pm.

I also teach via SKYPE, FB Messenger or any other video chat app.

On occasion, when we gather enough students :-), I'll teach for the Cactus Language School evening classes.

Years of Experience
Plays Translated


AWESOME! Stephen Christensen, May 17,2011

"Simply put, Katerina is an AWESOME tutor! It was a pleasure to learn from Katerina for the past five months in preparation for my move to Prague. I definitely appreciated Katerina's teaching style, largely due to her being a great person with tons of teaching experience. Katerina has an in-depth understanding of how a native english speaker approaches learning a slavic language, which is terribly important in my opinion. Learning Czech is obviously not the same as learning a latin based language, but there are similarities and Katerina uses them strategically to benefit her student when teaching. We used a workbook that is very practical for Czech beginners and easy to work from independently. She is also a patient teacher, and quite willing to work with your schedule and learning habits. Lastly, she was always willing to answer specific questions about cultural differences or practical scenarios that are good to know for life in the Czech Republic. I would be lucky to find a tutor as great as Katerina during my time in Prague."

Ilana Z October 19,2015

Katerina is a fantastic teacher. She is very pleasant and patient and knows how to make concepts simple. She targets lessons for your specific needs and has great learning resources that she uses. I recommend her wholeheartedly for anyone wanting to learn Czech!

Excellent teacher Bruno Z, June 6,2006

Dont let her married name fool you: Katerina Lu is an excellent teacher of the Czech language, culture and history. You get the whole package. I am writing this endorsement from Prague, where I have moved to teach English, and have been able to completely assimilate because of my newly realized ability to speak, understand and write in Czech. Plus, the more I learn about teaching English as a Foreign Language, the more I realize how effective Katerina Lu is as a teacher.

Excellent scribbler812. July 11, 2006

I was initially hesitant to get lessons from a tutor, but I finally decided it was the best option before moving to Prague. Trying to learn the language myself was not effective. And had I known how useful and FUN these lessons would be, I would've started much sooner. I only took about 16 lessons with Katerina, but learned enough to handle myself in common situations. I have only been in Prague for a week now, and I already feel more comfortable getting around with the basic language I have. Katerina is an excellent tutor. The books she uses are comprehensive and user-friendly. You have to do work on your own to make the most out of lesson time, but Katerina will move at your pace and go over whatever you need to understand the language and concepts. She knows what she is talking about and is able to get meaning across in many different ways, using several different methods. I learned a lot in a short period of time, and thoroughly enjoyed going in to my lesson every week. I am just sorry I can't keep taking lessons with her here in Prague! I highly recommend taking lessons from her if you are trying to learn Czech, on any time table!


Czech Language

I am flexible as far as teaching materials, although I strongly recommend the "Czech step by step" which in my opinion is the best Czech textbook for English speakers.

This classic Textbook set includes the Activity Book and a CD.

If you need to start to speak relatively soon, I recommend the "Czech Express." It is designed to teach basic communication skills with less emphasis on grammar. The book set also includes a CD.

I have both sets available for sale.

Czech language, in the past sometimes also called Bohemian, member of the West Slavic group of the Slavic subfamily of the Indo-European family of languages. The official language of the Czech Republic, it is spoken by about 11 million people, of whom over 10 million reside there and close to 1 million of whom are in Slovakia, Europe and North America combined. Grammatically, Czech has seven cases (nominative, genitive, dative, accusative, locative, instrumental, and vocative) for nouns, pronouns, and adjectives. It is not necessary to use personal pronouns with verbs since the verb endings clearly show person and number; however, personal pronouns may be used for emphasis. In the pronunciation of Czech, the stress always falls on the first syllable of a word, but diacritical marks such as accents do not show this accentuation. A sharp distinction is made between long and short vowels, and an acute accent (´) is used to indicate where vowels are lengthened, i.e., where their pronunciation is relatively protracted. A hook or inverted circumflex over a consonant is the sign that the consonant is palatalized or pronounced with the tip of the tongue on the palate.

The earliest surviving record of Czech is in the form of glosses in a Latin manuscript of the 11th century. AD The period of Old Czech, the oldest stage of the language, is usually placed in the 11th to 14th centuries. At that time there were many dialects. Czech literature began to take shape in the 13th century. Standardization of the spelling and pronunciation of the language occurred during the Middle Czech period of the 15th and 16th centuries, primarily as a result of the work of John (Jan) Hus, the celebrated Czech religious reformer, who made the Prague dialect the basis of his far-reaching linguistic reforms. The modern period of Czech began in the 17th century. The domination of the Czechs by the Hapsburg rulers of Austria from 1620 to 1918 severely hampered the development of the Czech language and literature, although a national literary revival began in the 18th century. After independence was regained in 1918, the language and literature of Czechoslovakia again began to flourish. Czech was one of two official languages (the other being Slovak) of Czechoslovakia and remained the official language of the Czech Republic after Czechoslovakia was dissolved in 1993. A modified version of the Roman alphabet is used for writing Czech.

Czech on-line dictionary

click here to download printable Czech alphabet


as in cut


long as in father


b as in bat


ts as in bits


ch as in church


d as in dog


dj as in duty  (also di, dě)


as in met


long as in man


ye (palatalizes, softens preceding consonant)


f as in far


as in good


as in half


as in Hanukkah


as in bit


long as in see


y as in yes


k as in kit


l as in lip


m as in mat


n as in nut  


ny as in canyon     (also ni, ně)


as in orange


long as in door


p as in pin


kv, not kw


r, as in rush, but rolled


somewhere between r and rg as in bourgois


as in set


sh as in short


t as in tip


soft t, similar to tulip  (also ti, tě)


as in book


long as in moon


long as in cool


v as in van


v as in van




i as in bit


long i as in bee


as in zebra


zh as in pleasure


Tři tisíce třista třicet tři stříbrných stříkaček stříkalo, přes tři tisíce tři sta třicet tři stříbrných střech.

Nesnese se se sestrou.

Máma má málo máku.

Olemujeme-li mu to, nebo neolemujeme-li mu to?

Strč prst skrz krk.

Klára Králová hrála na klavír.

Bratře Petře, nepřepepři toho vepře.

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The Dancer

If I had a "Frequently Asked Questions" page, the #1 question would be:

“Can you make an exception and teach me in the evening or on the weekends…?” Well, I really cannot. That is because my husband and I spend our evenings and most of our weekends practicing and competing in Ballroom Dancing. We are the Senior US Ballroom Champions. We are three times Senior British Open (Blackpool) Champions (out of 200+ couples), World Championships finalist, three times International Championships (London) winners. We are very, very dedicated to our hobby. So, NO, I really cannot teach in the evenings, nor on the weekends. I love teaching, but I love dancing too. Thank you for your understanding and here are some pictures of us dancing.

Xingmin Lu Katerina Lu Blackpool Standard Senior Champions

Blackpool 2017

Senior Ballroom Champions

Xingmin Lu Katerina Lu Blackpool Standard Senior Champions

USA Dance Nationals 2015

Had an amazing time dancing in this final.

Xingmin Lu Katerina Lu Blackpool Standard Senior Champions

The International Championships in London

Sometimes you have to travel.